Partnership with Boerse Stuttgart Digital: Access to the crypto market for Profidata's institutional clients


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In the future, Profidata's institutional customers will be able to trade cryptocurrencies easily and store them safely. This is made possible by a partnership with Boerse Stuttgart Digital, whose brokerage solution is integrated into the order management systems of the Profidata investment software solution XENTIS via an API interface.

Access to the crypto market for Profidata's institutional investors

With their headquarters in Switzerland and branches and representative offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Singapore, Romania and Portugal, Profidata Group is a renowned player in the financial sector. Founded in 1985, the company develops and sells software solutions for investment and wealth management. These are complemented by a fast-growing, wide range of services in the areas of Software-as-a-Service, consulting, implementation, training, and support.

Until now, Profidata's institutional clients have not been able to access the trading and custody of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum  through its existing software offerings. This is changing thanks to the partnership with Boerse Stuttgart Digital.

Mass adoption of crypto assets continues to be driven forward

For Joaquín Sastre Ibañez, Chief Revenue Officer of Boerse Stuttgart Digital, this cooperation is another logical step in the mission to drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in Europe: "As Europe's leading infrastructure provider, our mission is to spearhead the mass adoption of crypto assets by providing institutional players such as asset managers, banks, and brokers with high-quality, reliable, and fully regulated solutions. We are delighted to partner with Profidata, a respected international provider of top-notch software solutions for some of Europe's largest institutional investors. Together, we embark on a journey to reshape the financial landscape, paving the way for investors to enter the realm of crypto assets.“

Integration in XENTIS

Profidata Group administers a total portfolio of more than 4.5 trillion euros for its clients via the investment management solution XENTIS, which is used daily by more than 5,000 users to evaluate more than 30,000 funds and manage over 50,000 mandates.

These features are now complemented by Boerse Stuttgart Digital's infrastructure, which enables simple, seamless, and fully regulated access to crypto asset trading and custody.

Profidata CEO Roger Wildi is pleased about the cooperation and appreciates the trend-setting cooperation: "By partnering with Boerse Stuttgart Digital, we offer our institutional clients an opportunity to diversify their portfolios with crypto assets for the first time. This initiative adds value to our clients' business model, by simplifying and securing participation of their customers in the crypto asset markets."

More and more acceptance of crypto assets

This partnership marks another milestone in the widespread adoption of crypto assets in the financial industry. Various statistics on the crypto market also show that this is continuing to rise. For instance, according to Pitchbook, in the fourth quarter of 2024, venture capital provided to companies operating in the crypto ecosystem increased sequentially for the first time since the beginning of 2022.

Joaquín Sastre Ibañez is also feeling the increasing acceptance. For him, the partnership is a perfect example of how the integration of the crypto ecosystem into the classic capital market can succeed: "Apart from the hurdles in regards to the basic investment decisions, there are also understandable practical issues involved when interacting with crypto assets. By leveraging the Profidata software suite, we abstract these issues away, so that the asset manager does not have to change a single piece in his ecosystem. This of course lowers the bar for little allocations to get used to this new asset class."

In total, more than 40 institutional clients of Profidata have the opportunity to trade and hold crypto assets in a simple, reliable and fully regulated manner for the first time through the integration of Boerse Stuttgart Digital's institutional solutions for brokerage and custody.

For Profidata clients, as described by Sastre Ibañez, nothing will change in the way they manage portfolios. By using the already existing and well-known software, the integration effort is minimized and at the same time institutional investors benefit from a better cost structure compared to ETPs and ETFs thanks to access to the crypto market via Boerse Stuttgart Digital.

Joaquín Sastre Ibañez does not rule out partnerships similar to this or that with Munich Re in terms of insuring crypto assets, quite the opposite: "Personally, I believe that this will only be the beginning. We are currently talking to a lot of big players in the market."

Easy and regulated access to the crypto market

As a one-stop-shop for B2B customers, the Boerse Stuttgart Group bundles its three business solutions brokerage, trading, and custody under one roof of Boerse Stuttgart Digital. This gives institutional partners like Profidata easy and reliable access to crypto assets.

Are you also interested in giving your clients access to the crypto market on a regulated basis? Boerse Stuttgart Digital is your reliable partner for integrated and tailor-made solutions along the cryptocurrency value chain throughout Europe. Feel free to contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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Partnership with Boerse Stuttgart Digital: Access to the crypto market for Profidata's institutional clients

In the future, Profidata's institutional customers will be able to trade cryptocurrencies easily and store them safely. This is made possible by a partnership with Boerse Stuttgart Digital.

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