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Join us to discover your ideal solution from an extensive selection of brokerage, exchange and custody services designed for crypto and digital assets.

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Boerse Stuttgart Digital is Europe's leading regulated infrastructure partner for digital and crypto solutions. We provide easy and reliable access for customers and serve as a safe and trusted partner for institutions. As a true pioneer in digital finance, we guide you along the entire value chain of crypto and digital assets – reliably and fully regulated.

An overview of our integrated business solutions:

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Reliable crypto trading that’s
“made in Germany”

Our OTC brokerage solution provides customers with a quick and easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and digital assets while minimizing risk — a true "plug-and-play" experience. We prioritize transparency and equitable pricing to ensure a fair trading environment.


100% reliability for your customers when it comes to crypto and digital assets

Through a direct connection to our multilateral trading facility (MTF), we enable qualified participants to securely and reliably trade these assets. In doing so, we guarantee high liquidity and the fast execution of orders.


The safe haven for your digital assets is in Stuttgart

We ensure the utmost reliability in the custody of crypto and digital assets for our customers. By employing cutting-edge security technologies and adhering to the highest standards, we guarantee excellent protection for your digital assets.

Join us to discover your ideal solution from an extensive selection of brokerage, exchange, and custody services designed for crypto and digital assets. As a fully regulated and experienced partner "made in Germany", we provide you with the security and reliability you have grown accustomed to over the past 160 years.

  • Benefit from transparent and fair prices for uncomplicated crypto trading with reduced risk, also as a "Plug & Play" solution
  • Utilize brokerage services for reliable and efficient crypto trading
  • Embrace the reliability, efficiency, and security of "made in Germany" crypto trading
  • Discover the benefits of a multilateral trading facility (MTF) for crypto trading
  • Ensure the secure storage of your customers' assets through our trusted custody service, licensed by BaFin.

Use Case


As a white label solution, the BISON app is a prime example of how Boerse Stuttgart Digital's integrated B2B solutions can be leveraged.

This multi-award-winning trading app for cryptocurrencies, stocks, and ETFs has over 770,000 active users. Crypto trading is available through BISON in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In addition, individuals from 72 nations who have their permanent residence and regular place of living in a state that is a contracting party within the framework of the EEA agreement or in Switzerland can use the BISON app. The app provides an easy and secure means of trading cryptocurrencies, stocks, and ETFs – over 2,500 assets are available in total, alongside sought-after features such as savings plans and order types.

We guide you through the world of crypto and digital assets.